5 Reasons Why Northern Italian Wool Is The Finest In The World

Timelessly stylish, wonderfully soft, and crafted with care, a fine wool coat is an essential element of every cool-weather wardrobe. Read on to discover why Riverask's premium Italian wool coats—made with fabric from the Loro Piana and Piacenza mills—are so divine.

1、Renowned Region

There's something special about the fabric that hails from Northern Italy. Nestled at the foot of the Italian Alps, about equidistant from Milan and Turin, the region that the Loro Piana and Piacenza mills call home is known worldwide for its exceptional wool. Picturesque landscape aside, the area is renowned for its soft water that flows through the Alpine rivers—water in which the mills wash their wool, contributing to its lusciously soft texture.

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2、Generations of Craftsmanship

When you buy a coat made from Loro Piana- or Piacenza-milled fabric, you're buying the expertise of several generations. Over the centuries, the mill families have honed their methods to produce wool of only the highest caliber. Yet amidst age-old traditions, the mills are also keenly modernized, both in their cutting-edge fabric technologies and their eco-minded commitment to sustainability and conservation.

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Riverask's premium wool coats are enduring garments, pieces that will serve you for many years when cared for properly. Manufactured in America using fine fabrics from prestige mills in Italy, these wool coats are built to last, lending elegance and warmth to your wardrobe for years to come.

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4、Exquisite Softness

Connoisseurs of quality wool recognize what sets it apart as soon as they feel it. A luxurious loft in the hand, an elegant drape, a uniquely lightweight feel—when you touch it, you think it's cashmere. There's a special something about fine Italian wool fabric—a sublime softness—that makes you want to wrap yourself in it day and night.

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5、Timeless Style & Versatility

Why follow fleeting trends when refined fashions like wool coats will never go out of style? Designed for timeless elegance, Riverask's fine Italian wool coats outlive seasonal trends and fashions. Not to mention, a premium wool coat is an essential piece of a well-rounded outerwear collection. Dressier than a sheepskin coat, leather jacket, or down parka, a fine Italian wool coat offers a graceful way to transition from daytime to evening. It's just as stylish over your more-casual workday wardrobe as it is draped over your shimmering eveningwear.

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